Week 1 at LEARN Academy

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Week 1 at LEARN Academy. Wow. What a great week.

We focused on the basics of Git and GitHub, HTML, CSS and learning Bootstrap. I’m pretty confident with my skills in all of those departments, but still suffer from imposter syndrome. I have to say, I shouldn’t. There’s always more to learn, (which is why imposter syndrome is a thing), but after 18 weeks of in-depth study, if I don’t know something, I know how to figure it out or where to find an answer.

This week we covered the basics and spent most of the week building web pages. The best way to learn code is to actually code. It felt good that my classmates sought out my advice and help, and it really helped deepen my understanding to explain and help other students.

While I do contract work for a company based in North Park, I haven’t spent any personal time wandering around. I’ve spent my lunch wandering around, trying different lunch spots and shopping. This week I tried three different taco shops and a wonderful crepe place. Also, LEARN was very gracious in providing lunch for the first day. Delicious Lebanese food. Here’s the rundown on the lunch spots:

Tuesday: City Tacos – Mahi al Adobo was out of this world
Wednesday: Rigobertos Taco Shop – decent burrito and well priced
Thursday: Lucha Libre Taco Shop – great atmosphere and great food
Friday: La Creperie – Green Gobbler was really great

There are so many taco shops withing walking distance, I wanted to see how many days in a row I could walk to a different one. However, while on my way Friday, I saw La Creperie and I couldn’t resist. And I wasn’t disappointed. It was fantastic. I also spent time shopping at Pigment, which was a great little shop. I can’t wait to see what I stumble upon next week.

Overall it was a great week. I pair programmed with 5 different classmates, and I enjoyed each and every one of them and look forward to pairing with them again. We were able to push four different web projects up to Git Hub. We learned to write code from scratch and we also learned to decipher and modify existing code. I was exhausted at the end and I am sleeping like a baby each night. It was definitely a week well spent.

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