Moishe House – Mintranet

Objective: Update design and user interface to improve the experience of the Moishe House Resident and MHWOW users.

Moishe House is a non-profit organization that promotes Jewish culture for young Jewish adults.  Users plan events, upload detailed information for these events and use the site to upload receipts and get reimbursed for the cost of these programs.  As the program has grown, the need to simplify the code base and update the design to streamline the process for multiple user types became necessary.

Original Moishe House Mintranet (Ruby on Rails/Bootstrap):

Design Process:

Wireframes/Prototypes were created using Adobe XD software. Wireframes were created for mobile view. Detailed feedback was gathered from the client and shared during regular meetings throughout the development process.


As part of a team, I was responsible for coding the front-facing pieces of the re-designed site. The new pages and components were re-done as ReactJS components. The team created new api and front-end applications for the Resident and MHWOW users.



An improved site that provides a fresh look and easier experience for the Moishe House Residents and MHWOW users.


Updated site with React front-end and Ruby on Rails back-end:


Mockup psd created by Aleksandr_samochernyi –