Making Minimal Design Likable

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I ran across this article at Creative Bloq today How to Create a Minimalist Site People Won’t Hate, and I have to say, the headline really made me chuckle. I often find minimalist user interfaces frustrating.   There is nothing more frustrating then trying to find what you need only to be blocked by what seems to be a puzzle with no pieces!

I have to tell you, I like things spelled out for me.  I get offended when I can’t figure out where to click or how to get what I want.  I don’t want to waste my time trying to figure something out something new when that something new really isn’t adding value to my life.  Instead of thinking “how wonderful looking is this design” I tend to think, “Okay, designer, you’re too cool for me. I’m out.”  I take it personally and give up. And I’m the type of customer that holds a grudge much longer than I probably should.

Now that I have a bit of design experience under my belt, I can appreciate minimalist design.  It can be lovely, but it needs to have a clear message and cannot interfere with the objective of the site.  My big takeaway is don’t make it so minimal the user cannot figure out what they are even looking at.  Make sure that User Experience takes priority over the design aesthetics.

Remember that when the user comes first, the minimalist design can really be both beautiful and an effective form of communication.

What’s your favorite minimalist site?  Here’s one I absolutely love:





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