Objective: Update Cetaphil website design to provide a better user experience.  Transform website message from “Here we are, here’s our product” to “Why should you care about healthy skin, and what specific products will best work for you.”

This user experience/design project is an example of how a nice website can be modified to better meet the customer’s needs.  The site did a nice job of presenting the company, but was lacking a personal connection to the customer.

You can read more details about the project objective and styles here:

Cetaphil Design Brief




The user experience case study began with research. An informal panel survey was conducted as well as online research.

User personas were created as a guide for how the site could be modified to connect with the customers and re-focus the message to fulfill the customer’s needs:

CetaphilPersona1 CetaphilUserPersona2

Complete details of the User Research can be downloaded here:

Cetaphil UX Research




The proposed Home page is reworked to engage the customer.

  • Customers are invited to learn why skin health is important from the new “Healthy Skin Matters” page.
  • Customers have a new option to take a skin health questionnaire “Discover Your Solution” which will ask questions and recommend specific Cetaphil products based on the selected choices.
  • Customers are introduced to “Camp Wonder” to learn about Cetaphil’s connection to kids with skin health issues.
  • Call to Action items are highlighted with the green accent color.
  • Style is softened with the integration of natural/botanical elements
  • Social Media connections are highlighted for easier access.
Cetaphil Home Page Designs

Proposed Desktop and Mobile home page designs



The New “Healthy Skin Matters” page lets customers know why it is important to take care of their skin. Ways to keep skin healthy are discussed and corresponding Cetaphil products are presented and ready to add to the shopping cart.


Cetaphil Healthy Skin Matters

Desktop and Mobile versions of the Healthy Skin Matters Page



The most exciting addition to the site would be the “Discover Your Solution” pages.  Customers would answer a brief questionnaire and recommended products would be presented.  Products are selected and ready to add to the shopping cart for easy purchase.  Add to cart and Call to Action items are highlighted with the bright green accent color.

Click through the Slideshow to see how the questionnaire progresses. Both mobile and desktop versions are presented.

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